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Pitcairn Travel, owned and operated by Pitcairners; Jacqui Christian and Leslie Jaques are pleased to announce they have joined forces with the Sausalito, California based Ocean Voyages.

Pitcairn Travel was founded in 2010 to facilitate travel to and from Pitcairn Island and have provided a number of successful charters to Pitcairn and Henderson Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The multi award winning Ocean Voyages was founded in 1979 by Mary Crowley and specialises in providing adventure sailing, scuba diving and luxury yachting programmes worldwide. Ocean Voyages is a full service maritime agency offering professional advice and customised itineraries with an unparalleled range of activities to clients throughout the world.

Pitcairn Travel Director, Jacqui Christian, is excited by the opportunities the partnership with Ocean Voyages will bring to one of the world’s most exotic and remote destinations.

The Pitcairn Islands are a wonderful place to visit with its spectacular flora and fauna, its unique cultural heritage and of course the descendants of the Bounty history. We aim to share our precious gems with small groups of adventurous tourists and help to build out little Island economy.

Mary Crowley and Ocean Voyages Chief of Operations, Ryan Yerkey, welcome the partnership and the opportunities it will bring.

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